The Addison Group

About The Addison Group

With over 23 years of experience the Addison Group has successfully helped clients rent, purchase and sell their real estate.   Our team has been active in the real estate since 1987.  We have seen the highs and lows of the market and our clients have prospered in both good times and bad.  We specialize in residential and multi-family dwellings.  Real Estate is our passion.  Our clients come first and the foundation of our organization is built on character, trust, hard-work and integrity. 

It’s not just a transaction it is a relationship.  We are tireless in our effort to ensure that our clients are comfortable through every step of the real estate transaction and stay informed.  It’s the attention to detail, follow-up, communication and honesty about what we can and cannot do that sets us apart from the competition.  Over 90% of our business is sourced from referrals. 

Buy, Sell, Rent?

Through our affiliation with Century 21 Concept 100 we participate in all real estate transactions.  We facilitate the purchase and sale of residential and multi-family homes.  If you have a property to rent or if you are a prospective tenant looking for an apartment we can assist with that too.

Use us, we are here to help!

The real estate process can be daunting.  And in these challenging times, the paradigms and methods of investing, owning and selling real estate have changed. We have a fully integrated team of professionals that can assist with any questions you may have.  If you are considering selling or buying your home and have questions about what you should do next, give us a call. 

Contact Information

Ray Addison Sr.
Office: 201 385-7100 ext 621
Cell: 201 694-4415

Professional Background
BA Business Management: Baruch College
24 years of real estate experience